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From little apples…. I bought this wee dude as an unbroken 3yr old. Alf was a bit wayward in the early days, a real teenage boy-but he turned into a total legend. I knew he was going to be decent when I took him to a ‘Try Eventing’ competition. Alf had only been showjumping twice and schooled cross country once, and when I arrived at the TE, I was a bit alarmed at what a strong track it was. I decided to start, and if Alf was overwhelmed, I’d pull up. I need not have worried at all-in front of any fences he wasn’t sure about, Alf broke back to a handy trot, gave himself time to look, and then jumped. He made his way around in this fashion to go clear, and he won. I loved how sensible he was, yet he remained genuine and brave-when he had every reason to say no.

I nicknamed him ‘the have a go hero’ after that 🤣♥️ He sold to a brilliant home who produced him beautifully and gave him every chance to succeed, and he rewarded their efforts when he went on to win Pony of the Year at the Northern Region Eventing awards a few years later.

If only they were all like him ♥️ ponies are the best fun!

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