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Incongruent states

I quite often find myself thinking about the difference between what I know, and how I feel. I have such a mental block about certain things at the moment, so I find this an interesting concept to chew on.

The things that I have a block about are things I have already done, many times before. But now-even though my brain already knows that I can do the things that I want to do-I feel that I cannot. There is no fear or anxiety, although sometimes there is apathy and a little disappointment or frustration that what I know and how I feel are so far apart. After that, it’s just a solid brick ball where an open highway once stood. And I cannot, CANNOT get through it.

I have done all of the therapies and methods and techniques-everything from performance psychology through to sports hypnotherapy. There is no one traumatic event or sequence of events that have caused these feelings, there is nothing to undo or reframe. And I still really want to do the things. I know that I have done and can easily still do the things. But then….brick wall.

As a coach trained in the use of applied psychology, I can find any number of ways to help someone else move forward through wobbles and blocks.

But for myself? Nothing. I think maybe sometimes no amount of mental micro-examination can solve the problem. Maybe sometimes you just have to take the risk, rip off the band aid and see how you feel on the other side.

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