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About me

I am a Centre 10 Advanced Coach, and I am trained in the use of applied psychology for coaching. I hold a particular interest in helping riders become more confident and effective with their horses, in a supportive and progressive environment. I offer mounted and unmounted sessions, as well as individual and group coaching. 

I have trained and competed many horses across various disciplines, throughout my life. I have been fortunate enough to work for upper level riders in both showjumping and eventing, and to benefit from their expertise. I have sourced and/or produced many young horses, and I particularly enjoy this very rewarding area of the equestrian industry. 

I keep a small number of horses of my own, which I compete in both dressage and showjumping. I live with my husband and son on our farm in the Irish midlands, where we run a beef suckler herd of cattle and a livestock haulage business.

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Coaching Services

Supporting Your Success

Coaching horse and rider

When coaching mounted sessions, I like to establish a clear picture of horse and rider history, experience level, current difficulties and the long term aims for the partnership. From there, I work together with the rider to identify and celebrate the strengths of both rider and horse, and to understand how best I can help them to achieve their objectives. I like to promote an open dialogue with clients, and to foster an environment of honest communication between rider and coach.


Unmounted coaching

I also offer unmounted coaching sessions, focussing on rider mindset and mind management. In these sessions, we look at any difficulties a rider is experiencing presently. Together we may examine areas such as our individual internal dialogue, our mental resilience and our very powerful belief system-as well as the incongruence between what we know to be true, and how we may contrastingly feel. Each rider is uniquely individual, and progress depends on helping that rider to identify, understand and utilise the strategies, tools and methods that best suit their needs going forward.

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Cowboy and Wild Horses

"If you believed in yourself, what would you do?"

Gerry Hussey

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